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What Is the difference between natural and organic?

So what is the difference between natural and organic ingredients in the world of skincare? If it is natural, then it has to be organic, right? But how can natural and organic content amounts be different then?

To put it simply, natural skin care ingredients are extracted from sources that can be found on our Earth, not made synthetically by humans in laboratories.

There is a big 'however' in this though; it may be that the original ingredient is of natural origin, but the process used to grow or extract the natural ingredient may involve synthetic substances, such as pesticides and fertilisers.

This is where organic certification comes in. Organic ingredients in skin care are from a natural source too, but have also been grown or extracted without the use of synthetic substances. Organic certifications also require a more rigorous investigation into manufacturing processes before being awarded organic status.

So to sum it up, organic ingredients are always natural, but it is possible to have natural ingredients that are not organic, as they have been extracted using synthetic substances.

Now this does not necessarily mean that all organic substances are full of skin glowing goodness and all synthetic substances are acne inducing monsters. Numerous studies on the pros and cons of both sides quite often contradict each other. But, if you are here reading this, it shows that you care about what is going on your skin everyday, so keep reading those labels and asking the question, what am I really putting on my skin?


Sweden Eco products are made form 100% natural ingredients and more than 75% organic ingredients, certified by the Nordic Eco Label. This label makes sure that all of our ingredients are safe for our environment and our health. 



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