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Welcome to Sweden Eco - Just Started!

Hello everyone, or hej allihopa! Welcome to our first blog post, here at Sweden Eco. Over the coming weeks we’ll be blogging about our company, natural and organic skincare, and just anything else that comes to Sanna’s, Felicity’s or my (Adam) mind! Just so you know a bit more about us, our first post here is a little history on how a small, Swedish made skincare range has made its way to the UK.

So where did it all start…

…back in the early 1980’s sometime between Abba and Roxette, where Laine Nilsson was working as a hairdresser in Sweden. At this time Laine was using many different hair products, all of which were very strong and full of man made chemicals. Working with these products on a daily basis, Laine suffered from skin that became really dry, irritated and started to flake off.

Then Laine got curious…

…what was in these products? At this time the regulations for ingredients in beauty products were pretty much non existing, and she found out that the hair products had loads of toxic substances and many different chemicals in them. This led to Laine doing more research and wondering if this lack of regulation with toxic ingredients in shampoo were the same for skin products. She came to the conclusion that the same chemicals were to be found in the skin products, although in smaller amounts.

But Laine did something about it…

…she started to think about what all this bad stuff had been doing to her skin, and what it could do the body. And also, the environment. She started to explore alternatives. Was it possible to use beauty products without all the bad chemicals? There were very few alternatives at the time, so she decided to make her own natural series of products without all the bad stuff. With help from her friend Agneta Törnqvist,Laine was ready to develop her own natural and organic skin care range and by 1984, the first products from Rosenserien were ready to sell.

Continuing the good work…

…today Rosenserien and the Sweden Eco range are run by Laine’s daughter, Carina Swartz. Carina is dedicated to toxin free skin care and wants to continue her mother's mission to spread clean and organic skin care products to all people.

Then, in 2016, Sanna moves to England...

...and found that even though Ikea does stock some of her favourite foods and even Sainsburys has Swedish meatballs, she could not get Rosenserien and the Sweden Eco range of natural skin care anywhere! Sanna does like sharing all things Swedish with all her friends, so after some more research, contacted Rosenserien and made an agreement to be their agent for the UK.

This has led to the creation of our website, where you will find all of our natural and organic skincare products, from the Sweden Eco range!

Thanks for reading everyone and please share so we can continue to bring a bit of Sweden to the UK.


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