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Daily skin care with Sweden Eco

A large part of how your skin feels and looks, is in your daily skin care. There are many things that affect the skin; diet, heredity, age, hormones, exercise, sun, computer work, stress etc. To get your skin feeling great and function optimally, you must take control of your daily skin care.

Daily skin care in four easy steps:

1. Good cleansing - gentle and effective. Important to keep the skin fresh and for the skin to be able to absorb any nourishing products. Choose between Cleansing Cream and Face Wash, depending on skin type and personal preference to a cream or gel.

2. Rose Water neutralises water's negative effect on the skin and adds moisture and antioxidants. Use morning and night, and always before moisturiser.

3. Eye Cream, applied with light movements around the eye. Can combat fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. Use morning and evening for best results.

4. Moisturisers that suit your skin type. Morning and evening. If in need, supplement with Carrot Oil, Jojoba Oil or Night Care Intense.

Your daily skin care is essential and can be done easily and quickly when you know how to. It becomes a habit you do not want to be without after you see and feel the effects.

Cleanse and tone corectly to maximise results...

Unclean skin cannot take advantage of what you apply to it, no matter how good the ingredients are. Most people know that ordinary soap dries out the skin and to avoid using it on the face, but a surprising number of people think that ordinary water is an adequate cleanser. If you wash your face with water and then take cotton wool with cleasing cream and wipe your skin, you will see that water is not enough. It simply doesn't remove fat soluble substances. During the day your skin is exposed to air pollution and dust, and possibly make up as well. All of this needs to be removed in the evening.

There are different types of skin, with fine/open pores, dry/oily, sensitive, etc. so it is important that you choose the right sort of cleanser for your skin.

  • Cleansing Cream is good for finely pored, often dry skin. It is applied to the entire face and rinsed off with water.
  • For less delicate skin, with larger pores and perhaps greater sebum production, i.e. oily skin, Face Wash is a good daily cleanser. The Face Wash cleanses the skin more deeply, which some skin types require every day. It also regulates sebum production and is thus good for oily skin.

Both the Cleansing Cream and the Face Wash remove most types of make up.

Normally, cleansing your skin in the evening is adequate. We don't really get dirty during the night and the skin itself balances its pH value, among other things, during the night. If we then wash the face with water in the morning or, even worse, with soap, we destroy what the skin has built up and balanced. The exception to this is if you have high sebum production and have oily skin in the morning, as then you can also wash it in the morning. Occasionally, twice daily cleansing may be necessary during a body detoxification period.

Rose Water Toner

Now to one of our most important products! Instead of washing with ordinary water in the morning, use Sweden Eco Rose Water. Rose Water counteracts the negative effects of water on the skin. It restores the pH balance and adds moisture, vitamins and antioxidants and has an astringent effect. Rose Water also functions as a gateway for moisture, so the face cream penetrates the skin more easily and more deeply. This also means that the face cream lasts longer and is more effective!

Rose Water is always used on the skin before a face cream, in the evening after cleansing and instead of ordinary water in the morning. Moistening your face with refreshing Rose Water is also a wonderful energy boost in the morning. It can be used during the day as well, if you are working in a dry environment and need extra moisture.


There are different types of moisturisers to suit different skin types. However, all Sweden Eco Moisturisers function as both day and night creams. We have provided a short description of them below, and you can read more below each product.

  • Normal/Dry Skin: For dry skin and skin that is starting to show lines. Ingredients include polyunsaturated fatty acids from borage oil.
  • Dry/Sensitive Skin: For sensitive, finely pored skin that needs extra care, skin that reddens easily or has shallow capillaries.
  • Normal/Oily skin: Easily absorbed, adds a lot of moisture, less fat. Contains Argan Oil and vegetable Hyaluronic acid. Balances sebum production, beneficial for oily and combination skin.
  • Anti Wrinkle Rose Cream - moisturiser and anti wrinkle treatment for maturing and mature skin.
  • Extra skin care: Carrot Oil - keep your skin smooth and work as an effective humectant.

All these creams can be used as day and night creams.

Eye Cream

The skin below the eyes is twelve times as thin as other skin and needs extra care. Ordinary face cream is too strong to be used around the eyes. It tends to lie outside the skin and "pulls and extends", which results in bags and more wrinkles. This makes it necessary to use a lighter cream, suitable for this more sensitive and delicate skin. Sweden Eco Eye Cream reduces fine lines around the eyes. It contains witchhazel, which has an astringent effect giving the eye area a natural lift. Witchhazel also counteracts dark rings. The Eye Cream is applied gently around the entire eye, along the edge of the socket.

Weekly Treatments and Extra Nutrition

The skin should have a little extra care a couple of times a week, such as deep cleansing with a Clay Mask or Peeling Cream, and perhaps the beneficial Night Care Intense which can be used as a moisturising mask. If you want to treat your skin to something special, you should try the Sweden Eco Vitamin C Serum with Roseroot – a real energy boost for the skin! It refreshes and vitalises the skin, just as roseroot and vitamin C revitalise you internally and provide a mental boost.



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