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Organic and Natural Label

It is not easy to understand what is meant by the various claims and labelling programs that exist on skin care products. Even today there are lacking rules and control over what is written and stated on the packaging. One can, for example, you are allowed to add just a little bit of herbal extracts in a synthetic cream and then call the cream "natural".

It is also allowed to call a product organic without using more than 10% of organic ingredients in the total content. Sweden Eco wants to be completely clear and therefore chooses to declare the quantity of both natural ingredients and certified organic ingredients. Our products are 100% natural and the vast majority of the content is also certified organic.

Most of our products fall into the highest range of natural and organic ingredients that can be in a skin care product that is not diluted with water. The symbol above means that the product is organic, the raw materials are 100% natural origin and more than 75% of the content is certified organic.

  • Only natural fragrances are used
  • Products are free from parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, nano particles, silicon's and genetically modified ingredients
  • Lonized radiation of ingredients and final products does not occur
  • No ingredients or final products are tested on animals
  • Content is easily biodegradable in nature


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